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Children - treatments for little people

I treat children from babies to puberty covering any physical and/or emotional concern.

I have helped children grow up more happily and meet life's challenges like studying, changing schools, moving house, sibling rivalry, jealousy, recurrent infections, coughs, colds, chronic ear infections, etc. successfully.

I use Reflexology and/or Bach Flower Remedies.

Children at any age usually respond fast to treatment. Reflexology is a wonderful way to help children heal naturally with many conditions.

The treatment session is adapted to the Childs age, emotional and physical state. Generally treatments can last from 10 minutes for a baby to half an hour for a 9 year old, and 40 minutes to a 14 year old.

The Bach Flower Remedies help to balance the Childs emotions, which can be the base of physical symptoms. If a child internalises his or her emotions, they might 'express' it with physical complaints or difficulties at school.

The Bach Flower Remedies can assist communication in a balanced way so that the child can feel happier with life altogether.

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